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The Celtic Room is for anyone who loves to play traditional Irish Music

Over the past 50 years interest in Irish traditional music has increased dramatically, people are picking up instruments, learning a few tunes and joining sessions in even the farthest corners of the world. The pleasure of sitting with a group of friends, having a drink or two, sharing some tunes and having the pleasure of playing tunes together is infectious.


While traditional puritans will say that Irish traditiona instruments only include 4 groups of instruments: whistles and flutes, tenor banjos and violins, pipes and anglo concertinas most sessions will accept bodhrans, mandolins, bazookis, guitar and button accordians.


Tunes tend to be fairly simply, in single keys and commonly in different timing sof jigs, reels, polkas, hornpipes, and slow airs.

The Essence of Traditional Irish Music

Many people who play Irish music think that tunes hould be played fast, they strive to play as fast as possible, unfortunatly many of these people miss the two essentials ingredients that give Irish music its magic, its fundamental essence. If the music is played too fast than these to essential elements become lost.

The very best Irish musicians play at a speed slow enough to be able to play with feeling. A musician of the standard of Martin Hayes proves the point, it is quality that the true Irish music strives for and an emotional connection that tears at your very soul.

These two essential elemnts are

  1. Ornamentation and
  2. Lilt


Ornamentation is the addition of notes within the standard tune to ornament it. To learn more about ornamentation go to the ornamentation page here...


Lilt is theway the notes flow, it is a combination of the basic rythm of the tune combined with subtle variations in note length and spacing that give the music a subtle beautiful lilt. To learn more about ornamentation go to the lilt page here...

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