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These are the tunes we play at The Celtic Room sessions. To see the tune webpage click

This list also provides links to the following files formats:

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Sets of Tunes

Tune Set Type pdf abc mp3
Set 1 Jigs - Blackthorn Stick, Rakes Of Kildare, Kesh Jig, Leitrim Fancy Jigs
Set 2 Hornpipes - Murphy's Hornpipe, Boys Of Bluehill, Off To California Hornpipes
Set 3 Reels - Sally Gardens, Sligo Maid, Maid Behind The Bar, Saint Anne's Reel Reels
Set 4 Jigs - Haste To The Wedding, Donnybrook Fair, Father O'Flynn Reels
Set 5 Reels - Drowsey Maggie, Joe Cooley's Reel, The Wise Maid Reels
Set 6 Reels -Maid Behind The Bar, Toss The Feathers Reels
Set 7 Jigs - Banish Misfortune, Blarney Pilgrim Reels
Set 8 Jigs - Carraroe Jig, The Joy Of Life Reels
Set 9 Jigs - Morrison's, The Lark In The Morning Reels

Individual tunes

Tune Title Type Key Web pdf abc mp3
Ashokan Farewell, The Waltz D
Banish Misfortune Jig Dmix
Black Rogue Jig D
Blackthorn Stick Jig G
Blarney Pilgrim Jig D
Boys Of Bluehill Hornpipe D
Butterfly, The Slipjig Em
Calliope House Jig D
Carraroe Jig Jig D
Congress Reel, The Reel Ador
Clumsy Lover, The Reel A
Da Slocket Light Reel D
Dingle Regatta Slide D
Drowsy Maggie Reel D
Donnybrook Fair Jig G
Father O'Flynn Jig D
Haste To The Wedding Jig D
Home Ruler, The Hornpipe D
Irish Washerwoman Jig G
John Ryan's Polka Polka Em
Joe Cooley's Reel Reel Em
Julia Delaney Reel Ddor
Kesh Jig Jig G
King Of The Fairies Hornpipe Edor
Kitty's Wedding Hornpipe D
Lady Anne Montgomery Reel D
Lark In The Morning Jig D
Leitrim Fancy Jig Edor
Maid Behind The Bar Reel D
Mason's Apron Reel A
Merrily Kissed The Quaker's Wife Jig G
Morrison's Jig Jig Edor
Munster Cloak Waltz G
Murphy's Hornpipe Hornpipe G
Off To California Hornpipe G
Out On The Ocean Jig G
Planxty Fanny Powers Waltz G
Planxty Irwin Waltz D
Rakish Paddy Reel Ador
Rakes Of Kildare Jig Ador
Saint Anne's Reel Reel D
Sally Gardens, The Reel G
Silver Spear, The Reel D
Sligo Maid Reel G
Smash The Windows Jig D
Some Say The Devil's Dead Fling G
South Wind, The Waltz G
The Teatotaller Reel G
The Tenpenny Bit Jig Ador
Toss The Feathers Reel D
Tripping Upstairs Jig D
The Wise Maid Reel D
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